Lithium-ion batteries v.s. gel batteries

Lithium-ion batteries v.s. gel batteries

Batteries will most probably make up the bulk of the system cost. For this reason it is very important to ensure you make the correct decision when it comes to batteries.

We sell 2 types of batteries.

  1. Lithium-ion batteries; and
  2. Gel batteries.

While there is no denying Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive, one need to consider other benefits of these batteries.

Comparing these batteries:

Category Lithium-ion Gel
Price More expensive. Cheaper.
Longevity Lithium-ion batteries have a much longer expected lifespan, most brands offer a 10 year warranty, and 20 years expected lifespan.

Much sorter expected lifetime.

Depth of discharge Lithium - ion batteries have a much better depth of discharge compared to gel batteries. Reputable brands have a depth of discharge of 80%+. Basically what this means is that 80% of a lithium battery capacity can be used without damaging the battery. For instance if the battery is rated for 3.55kWh, 2.84 kWh can be safely used from a full charge of this battery.

It is recommended for gel batteries not to be discharged more than 50%.

Lifetime cycles

A cycle is defined as the cycle of a battery discharging to the max depth of discharge and recharging to 100%. This is counted as one cycle.

Reputable lithium batteries are rated for 6000 cycles.

Most gel batteries are rated for 1000 cycles and some top brands are rated for 1500 cycles.


It is evident that lithium-ion batteries are the superior battery. These batteries tend to be the better investment over the lifetime of the battery compared to gel batteries.

If you can afford lithium batteries we would recommend them, but if not gel batteries will do the job just fine.