200W | Solar Floodlight with CCTV Camera

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Want the ultimate Solar Security device look no further than the CCTV Solar Floodlight. You will have a floodlight to cover a dark area with the added peace of mind that it’s all under surveillance. No more double installations and searching for power points. This CCTV Floodlight has a built-in battery and a solar panel.

Product Features :

  • Intelligent light control with an Aluminum mirror.
  • Lithium Iron Battery
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panels to optimize the system plan. Increase the charging efficiency by 30%;
  • 1080P HD video record with full-color night vision function. Imaging clearer and more real so can be clear at a glance at night;
  • Intelligent mobile detection and alarm, multi-angle care;
  • Easy installation. Only three steps can be used. The first step is to connect WIFI. The second step is to download the "VIEW" APP. And the third step is to scan the QR code of the product and complete the docking with the phone.
  • Support multiple people watching at the same time. It let your reunited no matter how far

Product Specifications :

  • Solar Panel: 40W Grade
  • Battery: 36AH LiFePO4
  • Camera: Two megapixels
  • Monitoring: 24 Hours
  • TF card 16G
  • Fully Charged: 8 hours
  • Discharge 24 hours
  • Working Mode Light &. Remote control Light
  • Light Size 350 x 75 x 310 mm

    What's in the box :

    • 1 X 200W Solar Floodlight with CCTV
    • 1 X Bracket
    • 1 X Remote Controller