Automatic Transfer Switch | 63A - 2P | ATS

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Dual Power Automatic transfer switch can switch to normal grid power or reserve power system automatically.

Please note that the switch can’t turn on or turn off the generator.

These switches switch normal grid power first. If normal grid power is on, the switch will switch to normal grid power. If normal grid power off, and reserve power on, the switch will switch to reserve power.

Uses and Wiring:

  • Press the button to Automatic, the switch will switch to Normal power or reserve power automatically.
  • Press the button to Manual, Then you have to switch the Direction manually.


  • Perfect for off-grid power systems like solar power or generator systems
  • 400V/240V and rated current up to 63A.
  • When one power system turns off, the switch will automatically connect to an alternative.

Keep the lights on with smart technology.

What's in the box:
1 X Automatic Transfer Switch