Freedom Won eTower LiFePO4 Battery 5kW 52V

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5kWh battery with a 90% DoD
Stackable up to 4 Units (20kWh Total)
Wide range Inverter compatibility
10-Year Limited warranty
Module interface pedestal included (no cabinet required)
5U module design
4000 charge and discharge cycles
Stacked horizontally onto each other to form a tower with pedestals included, (one per module) or 19 inch rack mounted with brackets (cabinet excluded).
Vertical mounting on floor or wall (shelf/bracket) with terminals facing upwards
Comes complete with One e5000  plastic pedestal for tower stacking (cleats for 19” rack not included but available from Freedom Won if required).
All Acccessories Included:
1 x 1.8m red 35mm battery cable with m6 lug
1 x 1.8m black  35mm battery cable with m6 lug
2 x busbar connectors (x1 heatshrink in black and x1 heatshrink in red)
1 x inter modular comms cable
1 x 1.8m long comms cable for Victron Inverters
1 x 1.8m long comms cable for Type 1 inverters
1 x 1.8m long RS485 comms cable this is for Voltronic inverters (Kodak) communication
Data Sheet Freedom_Won_eTower_spec_sheet October 2021, Installation Manual eTower October 2021, Product Compatibility eTower Interfacing Guide, Product Compatibility Freedom Lite & eTower Interfacing Guide, Safety Transport & Handling Documentation eTower MSDS - Material Safety & Data Sheet, UN38.3 eTower UN38.3 Test Summary Freedom Won, Warranty eTower Guarantee Document