Solar DC Combiner Boxes

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DC combiner boxes are for connecting parallel PV strings into your solar controller. The box includes several features that reduce the number of separate components you need to install.

Product Description :

  • The box offers isolation between the DC voltages that are generated by the PV modules and the solar installation allowing for safety while working or maintaining the system.
  • With fusing and short circuit protection, the PV modules and components can operate optimally with lightning protection included. Combining multiple series strings from the PV modules the unit allows for a single parallel connection to the MPPT charge controller.
  • The positive and negative poles of each PV string are equipped with special fuse wire, which protects the PV string from fault. It also uses a matchable fuse holder and fuse wire to reduce later maintenance cost and guarantee the safety
  • The unit uses a photovoltaic HV lightning protector to carry out protection to the positive pole-to-ground and negative pole-to-ground of the bus after a combination. 

Product Features:

  • Available for combining into Parallel Output.
  • Surge / Lightning Protection.
  • Isolation of PV DC voltages.
  • Fuse Protection.
  • Easy MC4 cable connectors.
  • Easily connect PV arrays to solar equipment.
  • IP65 container.

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