Slim Solar Deep Cycle Gel Battery

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Get the most out of your solar system with a gel battery. As when know a good battery is valuable to any solar or backup system.

Product Features :

-Maintenance-free, no need to add water
-Safe operation since no liquid inside
-Can be installed sideways ( upside-down is not recommended )
-Long cycle life
-Low self-discharge makes shelf life longer.
-Long standby life due to its ability to keep electrolyte inside and steady
-Performance stays high and stable until the end of life
-Tolerance to abuse and heat during operation, good for extreme weather

Product Specifications :

  • Voltage - 12v
  • Type - Gel Battery
  • Colour - Grey
  • Style - Slim

Amp up your solar system for longer enjoyment.

What's in the box :

  •  Gel Solar Battery