Solis 125kW 5G 3 Phase Single MPPT High Voltage with DC

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Maximum 20 strings input, support 1.5 DC/AC inverter load ratio
Integrated AC & DC disconnect switches
Touch safe DC Fuse holders adds convenience and safety
High precision intelligent strings monitoring, reduce fault location time
Built-in AC and DC lightning protection module, all-around lightning protection
Support Anti-PID function, improve system efficiency (Optional)
Over 99.1% Max. effciency
Ethernet /RS485 multiple communication modes,flexible monitoring
WiFi monitoring available - plus access to Android and Apple apps
Type ll surge protection for DC and AC
5 years standard warranty
Application Note Solis and EPM Quick Setup Guide, Application Note Solis Commercial Inverters, Brochure Benefits of the New Solis Cloud Platform, Brochure English, CE Declaration of Conformity, Data Sheet German, Data Sheet Solis 3PH 5G 125K High Voltage EN, EN50549 Certificate, IEC Certificate 61000-3-5:2009 & 61000-3-12:2011, Installation Manual, Product Compatibility Jinko Maxim Compatibility, Technical Data Power Curve Solis-(80-110)K-5G / Solis-(90-136)K-5G, Technical Data Solis-(100-125)K 5G_Efficiency Curve_V1.0, Technical Data Solis-(100-125)K 5G_Temperature Derating Curve_V1.0, User Manual Frequency Shift Setup, Warranty Africa 2021, Warranty Europe 2021, White Paper Migrating to New Solis Cloud Platform, White Paper Solis Returns Flow